Certain common retirement hurdles are heightened for firefighters, police, EMTs and other first responders. Retiring means leaving behind a career marked by camaraderie, challenge, and above all a clear sense of purpose.  Winning at Retirement: First Responder Edition addresses those issues and more.  The book covers:

  • Advice on the “DROP” and other aspects of public sector pensions. Should you be afraid of a pension default?  How do plans interact with Social Security and Medicare?
  • In plain language, when to turn on Social Security, and how to avoid a common mistake that married couples should avoid. Winning has been lauded as one of the clearest guides to Social Security claiming strategies.
  • Straightforward investment advice that starts with recognizing that we have no idea what will happen next with the economy and the market.  Includes “Five Money Maxims” … a set of principals that helps simplify investing.
  • How to navigate the maze of Medicare. The book will help you understand the structure of the program, explain the choices you need to make, and tell you how to get help with enrollment.
  • Best practices for maintaining health and wellness.  After all, it is much harder to enjoy life if you struggle to move, or are living with pain. Information about diet and exercise can be confusing and conflicting, but wellness and aging can be boiled down into key concepts that you can (should!) put into action.
  • Beyond addressing practical considerations like money, health, and where to live, Winning challenges you to ask: “who am I going to be in retirement?” Retirement is an opportunity for reinvention, or as a popular quotation from the book says, “a blank sheet of paper”. But far too many people plan for the financial aspects, without recognizing the importance of seeking a meaningful, impactful identity. This is especially important for someone stepping away from a career of service.

First responders lay it all on the line in support of our communities. We are passionate about giving back in the form of advice that can increase chances of happiness in retirement after a career of service.

Pat & Kristin

Patrick Foley, CFP®

Financial Planner Patrick Foley has been guiding Americans toward happy retirements for more than 25 years. He and his partner and co-author Kristin Hillsley have developed an innovative and holistic process that inspired the book Winning at Retirement.

Pat holds the CFP® designation, and has an eclectic background that includes extensive community service, regular speaking engagements, and the founding of a music festival and bone marrow drive.  Pat has served on a number of charitable boards including the Children’s Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Israel Chamber of Commerce, Mount St. Joseph Academy, the Whitpain Recreation Association, and the Whitpain Park & Open Space Board.  In addition, he has served as the Elected Auditor of Whitpain Township.

When he’s not writing or advising clients toward happy retirements, Pat is heavily involved in youth sports as a volunteer. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, two daughters, and two crazy dogs.

Kristin Hillsley

For more than a decade, Kristin Hillsley has been dedicated to strengthening the financial well-being of her clients and community. Her goal is to provide the highest quality advice to clients in order to help them protect and strengthen their financial future.

As part of her commitment to educating women, Kristin hosts an annual Women’s Lifestyle Conference to help busy women in her community connect, refresh and inspire one another. Kristin is also the exclusive financial on-air contributor with Women to Watch, a premier global media platform for women leaders. Kristin has appeared on Comcast Newsmakers to discuss issues of women in business and she has been published multiple times in local newspapers with investment strategies for women. An advocate for women within her own firm, Kristin serves on the Baird Women Advisors Advisory Council, which strives to empower and elevate Baird’s women advisors.

Kristin began her career as a financial advisor in 2005. She graduated magna cum laude from Temple University’s Fox School of Business with a master’s in business administration (MBA) concentrating in finance. Kristin earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware, where she rowed on the women’s crew team.




Winning at Retirement : First Responder Edition is available on Amazon in paperback, and via the Kindle and Kindle Unlimited services.