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  • The Foley Hillsley Guide to 401(k) Investing

    Still working and looking for guidance about investing your 401(k)? This guide from the authors of Winning at Retirement will give you some pointers.

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  • Personal Resource Guide

    A downloadable PDF you can use to record important information. This can be used to help create a family organizer: a binder that summarizes personal and financial information, which can be critical in guiding your loved ones if something happens to you.

    Click to open
  • Living Expense Worksheet

    A simple worksheet you can use to add up monthly expenses.

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    Offered by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This site offers a variety of tools including an IRA required distribution calculator, a mutual fund analyzer, a program to help calculate retirement income needs, and more.

    Visit the site

    Financial aggregation software that pulls together your information from accounts at different providers, and can help you track spending for budgeting. They offer a variety of other services related to financial management.

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  • Quicken

    A financial aggregation service like Mint, they are similar with some differences in capability and focus. A notable aspect of Quicken is that it has tax preparation functions.

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  • Firecalc

    A free online financial planning resource.

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  • Financial Calculators

    A big selection of financial calculators of various kinds.

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  • IRS Withholding Calculator

    Especially in light of the 2018 tax law changes, many workers found themselves over or under-withholding income taxes. The IRS provides a detailed calculator that can help individuals and couples determine the appropriate amount of withholding. This can be especially helpful for couples who file jointly but have very different income levels.

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  • Exit: Should You Sell Your Business? How? And Then What?

    Planning to sell your business to finance a comfortable retirement? Pat Foley, co-author of Winning at Retirement, penned this white paper on the subject of business exits.

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