A Selection of Books on a Variety of Vital Topics
  • Younger Next Year

    One of our favorites on the subject of maintaining health in retirement. The book argues that our modern lifestyle is in conflict with millions of years of evolution, and that the solution is a daily exercise regime. This version is geared toward men, but there is a version for women as well. A must read on the subject.

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  • A Short Guide to a Long Life

    Dr. David B. Agus takes an evidence-based looks at dietary, medical, and exercise regimes that can improve health and extend lifespans. He discusses studies that suggest approaches to mitigate cancer (his medical specialty), cardiovascular, and other risks. Agus points to data in support daily aspirin and statin use, while calling into question the use of vitamins. Lots of good info to be found here, with evidence provided to back it up.

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  • Change Bites

    Author Marissa Costonis applies her background as a corporate change management consultant to the process of improving diet. Marissa utilized a whole-food diet to handle some medical issues in her own life, and in the process became an expert on the subject. Her professional and personal experience informs this well written and informative book.

  • Food Rules

    Something of a Bible for using common sense dietary approaches to advance wellness. The book looks at the tie-in between diets and wellness in various cultures throughout the world, and provides advice on how to apply whole food best practices in your life.

  • Healthy Aging

    Biogerontologist Dr. Andrew Weil looks at the science of maintaining wellness later of life. In clear language this book spells out traditional and non-traditional approaches that have been shown to provide wellness and extend longevity. This is one of the books that guided our writing in the health and wellness chapters of Winning at Retirement.

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  • The Art & Science of Aging Well

    Another book that guided our own understanding of the subject of wellness later in life. Fact-based and enlightening, one of our top picks in this field.

  • The 36 Hour Day

    This book is regularly touted as among the most important reads for familes dealing with Alzheimer disease. There is a particular focus on the pressures put on loved ones and caregivers. The book takes a deep dive all aspects of dealing with the disease.

  • The Alzheimer's Action Plan

    This book covers treatments – medical and otherwise – that can help to prevent and treat the disease. The Wall Street Journal called it “one of the best books about this illness to cross our desks”.

  • The End of Alzheimer's

    Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD, describes a treatment regime that he claims can prevent and even reverse the disease. His focus is on 36 triggers that combine to cause the disease, and methods for mitigating the impact of those factors.

  • Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

    Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking is a self-help classic, with over 20m copies sold worldwide. It has been a #1 bestseller in nine European countries. It outsells all other quit smoking titles combined. This edition has been developed specifically for smokers in the US.

    This seminal book has enabled millions of smokers to quit easily and enjoyably using Carr’s simple, drug-free approach.

  • The New Retirementality

    One of the books that greatly informed our understanding of the importance of purpose in retirement. It argues that the nature of retirement has changed, and that today’s seniors – for reasons of motivation as well as money – may want to consider working in some form well beyond traditional retirement age.

  • How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

    Another of our top picks when it comes to considering your mindset about retirement. This book argues that you may want to ditch the traditional work model as soon as possible, while explaining that you will still need a purpose to drive you throughout life.

  • The Happiness Curve

    Of all the books we read while researching our own, this might be the most important. The concept is simple: happiness in life tends to follow a well-defined curve based on age. This is seen throughout the world, and has even been observed among primates. So if you find yourself feeling blue as you move through your 40’s into your 50’s… hold tight… evidence suggests that things are about to get better for most people. In fact, happiness tends to peak in the 70’s. A critical concept – and an uplifting one from the perspective of retirement – that more people should know about.

  • Tools of Titans

    Tim Ferriss acts as a curator of ideas and content from some of the most successful people in the world. Drawing upon the wisdom of leaders in the military, business, and entertainment world, he spells out commonalities found among top performers. Tim’s approach of drawing together information from a broad spectrum of sources helped inspire the structure of our book.

  • Abundance

    Tired of the relentless stream of negativity we are hit with on a daily basis? Turns out there is a lot of good that is going on that doesn’t make the headlines, and there is much reason for optimism. Advancements in technology and medicine are improving lives throughout the world. In our research we found that optimism is a powerful force that improves health and wellness… drink up some of that in this interesting and well written book.

  • Factfulness

    Like Abundance, Factfulness points out that there is far more cause for optimism in the World than we are led to believe. The physician author – whose has a background fighting infectious diseases like Ebola – has conducted studies showing that people almost universally underestimate positive improvements that are happening in the world. When it comes to education, health, and economic conditions, things are improving steadily across the globe. We consider this an important read, because it points out how we can improve the way we make decisions by paying more attention to data.

  • Saturday Night Widows

    Six widows of varying backgrounds and sensibilities come together in a group that through shared experiences learns much about grief and recovery.

  • The Power of Habit

    The health and wellness chapters of our book focus on the idea of forming good habits. This book takes a deep dive into the process, describing the power of habit, and exactly what it takes to ingrain a new behavior into your life.

  • A Random Walk Down Wall Street

    Burton G. Malkiel’s book on investing is considered to be among the best ever written on the subject. A classic that will teach you the basics, updated to cover some of the newer investment products on the market.

  • The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

    John C. Bogle, Vanguard’s legendary leader, describes how to use index investing as a simple and low-cost investment methodology. A classic of the genre.

  • Hey, I Forgot to Tell You...

    Living within a budget is a lost art these days. The authors are father and daughter, and partners in a financial planning practice. This practical guide to living within your means should be required reading in schools… imparting wisdom and practical lessons for young and old alike.

  • The Millionaire Next Door

    The concept is simple, and we see it regularly in our own practice: you don’t need to earn a lot to become financially secure, you just need to save and live within your means. This book is an absolute classic in the world of personal finance.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad

    An all-time best seller among personal finance books, it provides detailed practical advice about the steps that are required to achieve financial freedom… no matter what your income or background is.

  • Investing for Dummies

    A good broad-scope look at the nuts and bolts of personal financial management and investing.

  • Stocks for the Long Run

    The Washington Post calls Jeremy Siegel’s classic “one of the ten best investing books of all time”. Updated to include discussion of the 2008 financial crisis and its implications. This should be on your list if you want to gain a deep understanding of the investment world.

  • The Essays of Warren Buffett

    More than being one of (if not THE) greatest investors of all time, Warren Buffett is a witty and insightful writer. His easy-going and plain language style will provide you with lasting wisdom about the world of investing.

  • The Billion Dollar Whale

    Spectacular true story of the theft of billions of dollars from 1MDB (a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund) jet-setting scam artist Jho Low. Low used much of the stolen money to live a spectacular party lifestyle surrounded by some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

  • Medicare for Dummies

    When trying to get how heads around the subject for the Medicate chapter of our own book, we found this book to be the most comprehensive and understandable guide. A must buy for those approaching retirement.

  • Get What's Yours for Medicare

    Another guide to this complicated subject. We didn’t read this one, but it is well reviewed on Amazon.

  • Social Security the Inside Story

    This well-reviewed guide is updated frequently. If you buy it, make sure to get the most recent edition has Social Security rules have changed quite a bit in recent years.

  • A Better Life for Half the Price

    Thinking about taking your retirement overseas? This book talks about where to go to live for less.

  • America's 100 Best Places to Retire

    And idea-generator of sorts, this book provides a brief run down on various towns across American based on criteria of interest for retirees. If you are thinking about moving somewhere, but haven’t pinned things down, you might want to start here.

  • Retirement Places Rated

    Another book that can serve as the basis for brainstorming about where you might want to be in retirement.

  • Mind Mapping

    Mind mapping is a key element of our financial planning process, and of the book Winning at Retirement. This book provides a good overview of the concept.

  • Get Paid For Your Pad

    The “sharing economy” presents opportunities for retirees, whether from the perspective of travel and vacation, or as an income opportunity This book provides step-by-step guidance on using Airbnb to rent out your home and earn extra money.